A Minority/Woman owned Enterprise Recycling in all 50 States.Facilities Nationwide

Always get paid top dollar for your plastics.

Prime Plastic Products, Inc. will pay top price for your tonnage and guarantees to pick up your load promptly.

Prime Plastics Products, Inc - Recycling Product

Let us handle your full or partial truckload of recyclables no matter your location.

Customers located across the U.S. can expect to receive only the highest quality of customer service from Prime Plastic Products, Inc. We are ready to serve you regardless of your location with our warehouses located across the 50 states.

You can recycle plastic materials in all forms with us (scrap, baled, lumps, chunks, regrind or reprocessed pellets). Material can be post consumer or post industrial. Two pickups can be made, if necessary.

We are currently accepting millions of pounds per month of the following:

  • HDPE (Film/Scrap): Grocery bags, store bags, mixed film printed, non print, baled rolls, butt rolls
  • HDPE: Buckets, totes, pallets, crates, bread trays, bottles natural or colored, barrels, drums, shopping carts, pipe, dunnage
  • LDPE/LLDPE: Shrink wrap, stretch wrap, bubble wrap, laundry bags, mattress bags, gaylord liners, agro film, bread bags, Charmin tissue packing, printed, non print, baled, rolls, butt rolls
  • PET: Soda bottles clear, green, blue tint, other colors like black or white okay, strapping transparent or translucent chopped or ground up ok, bottle performs in all colors
  • PVC: Pipe, profile, fencing, siding all colors (rigid), floor mats, pool liner, shoe soles (flexible)
Prime Plastics Products, Inc - Recycling Product
Prime Plastics Products, Inc - Recycling Product
Prime Plastics Products, Inc - Specalized In
We look forward to exceeding your expectations.